Dear Visitor,

Szinkron Kft. was set up in 1990 as the successor to a
parts refurbishing plant withseveral decades of professional
experience. Our company’s two main lines of business are
tradingand refurbishing/rebuilding. We provide
indispensable services primarily to bus and
truck fleet operators, always responding
to the continuous changes in market
requirements. At present, our firm has
a workforce of more than 30 people, and its annual sales turnover
amounts to HUF 500 million.

Our fields of activity:

• air brake fittings for road vehicles, brake levers, brake calipers and exhaust brakes
• differential gears, retarders and mechanical gearboxes
• water, oil and air coolers, inline fuel injectors, compressors, power steering pumps
• engineering services and mobile diagnostic service

Our company puts considerable emphasis on the precise application of factory repair technologies and the use of original or equivalent parts originating from reliable sources.
In keeping with our customers’ needs, we offer both factory-made new and refurbished parts, as well as repair kits for refurbishing purposes.

Our operations comply with the strict requirement of the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. In accordance with our quality management approach, we do our utmost to meet customer requirements at even higher standard, whilst at the same time reducing our impact upon the environment.

The commitment of our technical and customer service experts allows us to responsibly perform the task of being a direct link between our customers and suppliers to the satisfaction of all the three parties, both now and in the future.


Szinkron Járműalkatrész-felújító és Kereskedő Kft.
2800 Tatabánya, Széchenyi u. 18. ∙ tel: +36 (34) 511 980 ∙ fax: +36 (34) 324 591 ∙