Air brake repair

In the long term, wear and tear together
with fatigue, which inevitably occur
in the operation of motor vehicles,
may result in the failure of parts.
In this process, it is typically
moving parts and seals that get
damaged; with the right skills and
materials, they can be repaired in a
professional manner. In the case of air brake
fittings, refurbishing is done with a socalled repair kit, which allows the replacement of not only the worn-out part but also of other parts as well that are prone to failure. The useful life of a given brake element can be as much as doubled in this way. The technological regulations at Szinkron Kft., developed on the basis of several decades of practical experience, require complete refurbishing, thus ensuring both customer satisfaction and safe traffic on the roads. In addition to the replacement of wearing parts, the repair also includes a thorough cleaning; as a result, the parts also regain their original outer appearance. The refurbishing process is completed by a comprehensive function and performance test on our calibrated test bench. If the device passes this test (with the manufacturer’s permission), a new data plate is attached to it, which clearly indicates that it is a product refurbished by our company, bearing both the date of rebuilding and the unique identification code of the expert who performed the work.


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