Part-unit repair

Another major field of our activities is the repair
and refurbishment of main parts (mechanical
gearboxes and differential gears) and small main
parts (compressors, water, air and oil coolers, together
with fuel tanks). In the case of these devices, rebuilding
always begins with a fault check carried out in line with a strict
protocol that allows us to define the list of parts to be replaced. This list provides the

basis for a professionally well-founded offer to our customers; in addition to the material cost, the offer also includes the labour charge. If this offer is accepted by our partner, we begin the refurbishing work in the shortest time possible, so as to ensure that the motor vehicle concerned can be put back on the road as soon as possible. The quality of the work performed by Szinkron Kft. is excellent in the case of main parts as well. The devices rebuilt by our experts meet factory requirements as well in all respects, as guaranteed by test bench checking in the case of compressors and gearboxes, and by pressure testing using a calibrated instrument in the case of coolers and fuel tanks.


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